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ten best things about madison so far. [Aug. 22nd, 2004|08:45 am]
anything goes
  1. the house. i'm liking it. it is suburban, no doubt about that, but there is alot of room and it is looking like home...
  2. the yard. so great to be able to go outside and blow bubbles or whatever and still be in my pajamas and no shoes and all. it hasn't been very hot, though, so lulu hasn't gotten to use her little pool very much. we need to get a sandbox.
  3. my mom. we've seen a lot of her, which is great. she is going to watch lucy today while ej and i go to a movie. this will be a first!  i am very excited. it will be fine, 'cause lucy loves her- calls her 'mo mo' and talks about her all the time.
  4. lucy knows her great grandfather by name. calls him 'mozo'. and we can just meet him for dinner on a whim. how great is that?
  5. there are cows just a few blocks away. lucy doesn't appreciate that yet, but i think that it is pretty cool.
  6. big mike's subs. ej is addicted. this keeps him happy, which is a good thing.
  7. getting to know new (and old) friends. especially when they have kids that are lucy's age. she is loving playing with new kids!  and she is learning alot.
  8. ok. so it isn't ten. eight isn't bad. it's only been three weeks!

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